Quiz: How Well Do You Know UK Road Signs? (30 Questions)

Based on the 2018 Highway Code manual
Questions: 40
Mistakes allowed: 6
Pass mark: 86%
Official Theory Test: What to Expect
How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

Toucan crossing, puffin crossing, pelican crossing — oh my! What do all these signs mean? Take this 30-question test (updated for 2018) to see how well you know the UK Highway Code road signs. Next time you see a “No Stopping” or “No Parking” sign, you’ll be ready. Fun fact: did you know that all UK pedestrian crossings are named after animals? When you see a toucan crossing, think “two can” — “two” (cyclists and pedestrians) can cross at the same time.

UK driving licence
UK driving licence.