Pegasus, Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, and Zebra Crossings – Pedestrian Crossings Guide

Pegasus, Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, and Zebra Crossings – Pedestrian Crossings Guide


As a driver, it is important to know the different types of pedestrian crossings so you can give pedestrians the right of way when needed. Not only that, but you may be tested on the different crossings during your driving test. Luckily for you, the different crossings are named after animals so they are easier to remember.

Pegasus Crossings

A pegasus crossing (or equestrian crossing) allows equestrians to ride their horses across the road, next to pedestrians. To tell if it is a pegasus crossing, you will see the display of an equestrian/horse on the control panel. There are also two control panels, one at normal height for pedestrians, and another two metres above the ground for mounted equestrians.

Pelican Crossings

Previously known as a pelicon crossing (pedestrian light controlled crossing), a pelican crossing is for pedestrians. Pelican crossings are similar to zebra crossings, except that a pelican crossing is controlled by a light. To cross, pedestrians simply press the button and cross when the control panel prompts them to do so, and when the traffic light turns red.

Puffin Crossings

A puffin crossing, or a pedestrian user friendly intelligent crossing, is a pedestrian crossing. Similar to pelican crossings, puffin crossings turn the traffic light red, while allowing pedestrians to cross the street. The difference is that puffin crossings have sensors that detect slow crossing pedestrians and hold the red traffic light longer as needed.

On the other hand, if a pedestrian were to press the cross button then walk away, the request would be cancelled due to the sensors.

The two sensors used by puffin crossings are pedestrian crossing detectors (PCD) and pedestrian kerb detectors (PKD).

Toucan Crossings

A toucan crossing is a pedestrian crossing that also allows cyclists to cross. The name toucan crossing is derived from “two-can”, since both a pedestrian and cyclist can cross together. A toucan crossing displays a bicycle and person on the control panel.

Zebra Crossings

Resembling the coat of a zebra, a zebra crossing is a pedestrian crossing that gives way to pedestrians without any traffic lights. In the United Kingdom, all motorists and road users must give way to pedestrians at a zebra crossing, or risk a fine and licence penalty points.

Because of their lack of traffic lights, drivers must pay attention to the zig zagged crossing and slow down or stop when pedestrians are present.

Now that you are aware of the different pedestrian crossings, you can be confident in your driving test, knowing how to react when you come across them. Remember that these crossings are designed to give pedestrians a safe place to cross, so always approach them with safety in mind.

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