UK Mock Driving Theory Test

Based on the 2019 Highway Code manual
Questions: 50
Mistakes allowed: 7
Pass mark: 86%
Official Theory Test: What to Expect
How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:43
Pass mark:86%

As soon as your provisional driving licence has come through the post and you’ve booked your first lesson, you should start practising for your DVSA theory test. This examination covers many of the topics that are covered in the 2019 Highway Code, such as how to prepare for emergencies and how to use your car’s features responsibly. As you can only proceed to your practical test after the theory has been done and dusted, revising sooner rather than later has many advantages. Indeed, the more confident you get in understanding how the road network works, the more money you may save on tuition with a professional. This mock driving theory test contains 50 multiple-choice questions that are similar to the ones you will have to answer on the big day.

UK driving licence
UK driving licence.